Sketch 2: Visual Note Taking Reflection

While completing this assignment, I realized how useful of a tool that this method can. be.  I took my notes in class, then I created the note taking sketch.  This enabled me to easily summarize the main points of the lecture and put them into a sketch.  This was extremely salient because I now understand what I learned in philosophy to a greater extent.  Though theres is less text on the page, the amount of key information to know is retained.

I learned that I am more of a visual learner than I previously thought.  Prior to this assignment, I was always very keen on learning form the text.  However, now I understand that I too, in fact, can learn from my own drawings and visuals.  The aspect of this assignment I found interesting was the start.  I was interested on whether I would focus on information or pictures first.  Previously I would have thought information, but, in this assignment, I opted to draw first.  Then, I placed my information where I deemed appropriate.

To view Sketch 2, click here


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